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At Psoriasis Eczema Clinic, we are dedicated to continuously grow and share our knowledge of the latest developments in science, research and innovation in Integrative Dermatology.

Our founder, Prof. Michael Tirant, has been involved in dermatology research for over 30 years, investigating triggers of a number of chronic skin diseases. In the early 80s, his research showed that alcohol and tobacco smoking exacerbate psoriasis, while diet and nutrition play major roles in the management of the disease.

Thankfully, mainstream science is catching up, validating the importance of managing detrimental lifestyle factors such as poor sleep quality, unhealthy diet, stress, and environmental exposure when treating skin disease.

Prof. Tirant frequently collaborates with international universities and hospitals, educating dermatologists on the benefits of integrative dermatology protocols for the treatment of severe skin conditions.

Our research and development team focuses primarily on exploring the actions of various natural, active compounds, including the ways in which they can heal the skin and be applied through therapeutic topical treatments. Staying up to date with the latest research around skin physiology, including the microbiome, provides opportunities for new, groundbreaking approaches in skin treatment.

As a pioneer in Integrative Dermatology, Prof. Tirant believes in combining the best of both conventional and alternative methods for the treatment of chronic skin disorders.

At Psoriasis Eczema clinic, we are actively involved in researching the many factors that contribute to chronic skin disorders. This research can be focused on exploring the action of new topical ingredients and the active compounds that can assist in healing the skin, and how they can be applied in new topical treatments. Following the latest research around skin physiology and the microbiome provides opportunities for new groundbreaking approaches in skin treatment.

At Psoriasis Eczema clinic, lifestyle factors have always been considered a major triggering and escalating factor in skin conditions at Psoriasis Eczema clinic. It is a  major part of our understanding in circumstances that lead to the onset and flare-ups of skin conditions, which mainstream science is now catching up. This allows us to substantiate and validate the importance of managing detrimental lifestyle factors such as poor sleep quality, unhealthy diet, stress, and environmental exposure.

We are dedicated to constantly share our knowledge and science that support Integrative Dermatology, in order to empower our patients for a positive outcome.

30 Years of Integrative Dermatology Excellence

We offer a long-term treatment solution. Our treatment solutions have been trialed extensively by a number of independent dermatology Professors worldwide. These trails have confirmed a success rate of up to 90% in Psoriasis


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