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Heather Tirant

Heather has been practicing Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine since 2022. After working at the Psoriasis Eczema Clinic for 20 years in a variety of roles involving compounding of treatments for patients and managing two clinics seemed the natural progress to be a practitioner at the Psoriasis Eczema Clinic.

The knowledge of dietary and lifestyle interventions assists with the healing of skin conditions and the combination of natural topicals such as essential oils, herbs make the best wholistic approach to clearing up skin conditions. The best part for the patient is receiving education from the practitioner so they can achieve long term results.

When I see a patient with a skin condition, a lot of factors need to be noted. Emotional stress and worries, drug interactions, infections, genetics, and lifestyle issues. No two people are the same so it essential to identify what is affecting each patient and plan out a course for restoring their health.

Based on the skin condition all treatments are customised and are safe to use on babies’ sensitive skin.

My Professional Membership are with CMA and ANTA.

Professor Michael Tirant

Prof. Michael Tirant

Professor Michael Tirant, is the founder and Principal Practitioner at the Psoriasis Eczema Clinic and Research Centre, Melbourne. He is a passionate and dedicated practitioner with over 30 years’ experience in the treatment of complex skin disorders such as psoriasis, eczema, ichthyosis and more.

In addition to his clinical practice, Prof. Tirant is a Research Scientist, Lecturer and Professor of Dermatology (Clinical & Experimental; University of Rome “G.Marconi”, Italy; Hanoi Medical University, Vietnam) and has been involved in dermatology research for over 30 years. He regularly presents at international conferences and has published over 150 international papers and authored and co-authored over 15 books in dermatology and medical sciences, including Springer “Clinical Cases in Melanoma”, “Clinical Cases in Pigmentary Disorders” and “Textbook and Atlas of Dermatology and Clinical Cases in Melanoma and Clinical Cases in Pediatric Skin Cancers”.

Prof Tirant is also a strong believer in mindset to achieve successful treatment outcomes for patients. His latest book, “Sacred Consciousness,” teaches how to heal the mind/body through Mindfulness and empowering techniques to manifest our desires, while providing spiritual support.

Trevor Kennedy

Naturapathy Dip.Nat, Dip. Herb. Med, Dip. Hom, Complimentary Dermatology Practitioner.

Michael Greig

Dr. Greig grew up on the Mornington Peninsula. completed his medical degree at Monash University in 2014.  He graduated from Monash University in 2014 and then completed a number of years at Frankston Hospital before transitioning to general practice. Michael enjoys playing guitar and raising his young family. Dr. Greig is currently available for appointments on Wednesdays.

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