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About Ichthyosis

Ichthyosis is a skin condition characterized by persistently dry, thickened, flaky skin with a “fish scale” appearance. Essentially, it is a disorder of keratinisation in which the production of skin cells occurs too quickly for the skins natural shedding mechanism.  This causes dead skin cells to collect into thick flakes that stick to the outer surface of the skin.  There are many varieties of ichthyosis including both acquired and inherited forms. 

Ichthyosis Causes

Inherited forms are rare and generally present from birth, persisting throughout the lifespan.  Acquired ichthyosis can develop at any age due to a number of medical problems, medications or systemic diseases such as leprosy, hypothyroidism, lymphoma, sarcoidosis and AIDS. 

Ichthyosis Treatment

For acquired ichthyosis, the underlying disorder is treated, or the triggering medication is stopped. For inherited ichthyosis, conventional treatment approaches include reducing the frequency of bathing as well as the frequent application of emollients such as mineral oil or petroleum jelly. Medications related to Vitamin A may also be used as well as antibiotics if the skin becomes infected. 
At Psoriasis Eczema Clinic, ichthyosis treatments are customised according to the individual symptoms, presentation, location and triggers. Our treatments not only provide symptomatic relief but help to reduce reoccurrence by addressing the underlying triggers. If you would like to book a consultation for your ichthyosis, call the PEC today. 

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