Eczema and Psoriasis: Same same but different

Have you ever noticed that most creams available over the counter for eczema, also say that they are for psoriasis?  This can be a little confusing given they are 2 completely different skin conditions. One condition presents with a broken, fragile skin barrier and the other with dry and thickened skin.  One is dominated by an allergic immune response and the other by autoimmune processes…

So how is it so many creams claim to improve both?  The answer is, most likely, they don’t!

Many of these creams can help with symptomatic relief such as reduced itch or dryness, which are symptoms that both conditions can share.  However, a topical treatment to help heal or clear eczema or psoriasis would require completely different actions.

For instance;

Eczema responds better to gentle treatments with minimal ingredients. This reduces the likelihood of an allergic or contact irritation response.  Skin barrier supporting ingredients, including hypoallergenic fatty acids and oils that mimic the natural fatty content of the skin are often very beneficial.

Psoriasis improves with treatments which include keratolytics.  These are ingredients that help to break down the skin, reduce scale build up and shedding. By removing the surface scale, moisturising ingredients can then reach the deeper layers of the skin.  Psoriasis skin is generally much more tolerant of active ingredients including herbal extracts, which have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial actions.

Customising creams for optimal results:

Having your cream customized to not only match your skin condition, but the presentation of your condition, can help ensure you are getting the most out of your daily moisturising routine.  For instance, psoriasis or eczema which presents on the feet, should be treated very differently to that which presents on the face. This is due to differences in skin thickness and absorption between the two areas.

This is why PEC practitioners compound all topical creams according to the condition AND presentation, providing you with a customized formula which recognizes these unique differences.  And best of all, helps you avoid a bathroom cabinet filled with thousands of dollars of creams which claim to treat your skin condition, but don’t! �

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