Guest Speaker at the Thai Binh Dermatology Conference

Prof. Michael Tirant- April 2019

Prof. Michael Tirant was an honorary guest speaker at the Thai Binh Dermatology Conference in Thailand, April 2019.  He presented his latest research on Superantigens in Dermatology to a large audience of Dermatologists from around the globe. Some of the topics included:

The role of superantigens in the aetiology of dermatological conditions, specifically psoriasis and eczema. The link between superantigens and immune manipulation, pruritus and corticosteroid resistance.

Limitations in current treatment approach in superantigenic skin diseases

Introduction of a novel treatment containing herbal bioactive ingredients and its effect on superantigens.     

In appreciation of Prof. Michael Tirant’s support and development of Vietnamese Dermatology, he has been accepted as an honorary member of the Vietnamese Society of Dermatology and Venereology. 

FX Medicine Podcast: Integrative Dermatology in the Treatment of Psoriasis

Research Scientist in the field of Integrative Dermatology.

Founder and Integrative Dermatology Practitioner,

Prof Michael Tirant shared his knowledge that he has amassed over three decades as a clinician and a research scientist in the field of Integrative Dermatology. Prof. Tirant took FX Medicine through the many aetiological factors underlying psoriasis as well as recommendations about diet, lifestyle, nutritional and herbal considerations as part of a personalised, integrative approach to treatment.
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Organiser and Guest speaker at World Vitiligo Day, Hanoi, Vietnam


Organiser and Guest speaker at World Vitiligo Day, Hanoi, Vietnam
Professor Tirant is honoured to be part of World Vitiligo Day, June 25th, 2019, as both an event organiser and guest speaker. The international theme of this year is “The Quality of Life of a Vitiligo Patient.” Professor Tirant is joined by a panel of renowned speakers and colleagues, who will cover a whole range of topics in vitiligo: from novel herbal treatments by Prof. Torello Lotti to surgical therapies by Prof. Davinder Parsad. Prof. Yan Valle will present the history of WVD campaign and discuss socio-economic burden of vitiligo.  Professor Tirant will be presenting his research on viruses, superantigens and vitiligo as well as discussing the importance of diet, lifestyle and nutrition in vitiligo management. Prof. Tirant, in conjunction with the Dr Michaels Skin Clinic in Vietnam, will also be launching the Vitilinex product range for Vitliligo prone skin. For more information see